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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

a new patio

Good evening.
 Today's project was the back patio.
This morning, while Craig slept, I tore out the old decking covering the back patio.
They were 12x12 sections on a plastic base that snapped together.
Over the many years we've had them, they have gotten in very poor shape. So Craig decided they needed to be replaced. I took all of them up, and cleaned the old concrete patio.
Don't you like how the concrete has peeled  revealing the many different colors that we used over the years to paint the patio?
So with the patio cleaned and dried, we went to Menard's and bought 63 new rubber patio pieces.
Here they are all laid. Looks nice right? This weekend, we'll put trim around the edges to make it look more finished. Now I think I need to stain the rest of the deck a little darker.  :-)
They are made from recycled tires. Should last years!
And here is a creature I exposed from under the tiles.....
Craig says it's a Salamander. What ever. It looks all prehistoric to me.   :-)
In other news......
I received an e-mail from MGM Grand about our upcoming stay in Vegas.
They offered us an upgrade from a west wing room to a tower spa suite for $34.

As you can see, a huge difference! Now we really don't need a fancy room, but as you can see, the west wing room is really tiny. And since the room was free, we thought $34 was a steal! Even if it is for only one night.  :-)
Also, during our siblings back and forth e-mails, it appears to be that my brother Bruce is going to get Mom a new TV and a new TV stand. Her old entertainment center that I got for her many years ago won't accommodate the new wide screen TV's. You the man Bruce!
And it looks like a very busy week in the Salon. Of course, we're closed Saturday for the holiday weekend, so with one less day of work, busy, busy, busy.
Now, I'm tired and going to bed.

1 comment:

  1. I thought the old deck looked like a piece of marble!
    And oh darn the luck on the hotel room. :-)
    Have a safe week!