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Monday, May 18, 2015

Yard work.

Good evening.
I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Saturday.
Guess I've been busy.   :-)
Sunday, I cleaned the Salon, and being such a nice day, after our walk, spent most of the afternoon working in the yard.  I'm thinking I need to take out more flower beds, but but probably won't any more this year.
Monday morning, I spent 2 hours in the garage, pricing yard sale stuff. I forgot how much I've put out there over the winter.
Got Craig up, fixed coffee, and took him to his Dr appointment. Time for his yearly physical.
His blood tests were just okay. Not as good as hoped, but good enough until next year.
We then went out for a light lunch a Reno's with outdoor seating to enjoy the beautiful weather. After lunch, we went to Horrocks and spent $75 on flowers and a bag of  Miracle Grow with water retaining crystals for our 4 pots. With that plant soil, I only have to water the pots once a week! Glad we don't have the dozen or so pots that we used to.   :-)
Got them planted,  cleaned the bird baths, and did a little weeding. Had pork cutlets on the grill with oven roasted veggies. Tasty!
Here's a few garden pics.....

Two of my Japanese Maples. Love the leaves!

The area where I took out part of a flower bed. Nearly all grassed in now.  :-)
Mom's TV went out yesterday, so been e-mailing siblings to see what we need to do. Looks like my brother Brian will try and get her one from Goodwill. A new wide screen TV won't fit in her entertainment center, so if he can get her one of the older styles, that will work for now. He says they get a lot of them and can pick one up pretty cheap.
Well,  I'm getting pretty tired, so time for bed.

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