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Saturday, May 02, 2015

I'm tired

Good morning.
It was a crazy busy day yesterday, working 10 1/2 hours. Today, only 9.   :-\
I'm getting way to old for this kind of schedule.
But that's what happens when we take a few days off.
I'm so glad we take the day after our trip off. Flying just exhausts me. And, there's always so much to do before we go back to work.
Thursday, I needed to mow the yard.....
And it's a big yard! I love looking out at my yard, but it's way too much work! I won't miss that when I'm retired! And that funny thing in the front of the pic is our old well. We are having the well sealed this summer. I don't know if they'll cut that 4 inch pipe off or leave it. It doesn't matter because I put a bird bath over it. I got a 6 inch chimney liner I put over it and a large terracotta bowl on top. Looks real nice.  :-)
And here's some more flower pics.....

I've decided to take out sections of 2 more flower beds. I hope to start on that this weekend.
And with that, let's get this last day over with.

1 comment:

  1. Yup. With time changes and what not, it always takes time to recover after a trip.

    You won't miss the work, but you'll probably miss your gardens.

    Have a great Sunday and a great weekend!