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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

no Sun Gods smiling on me

Good morning.
Just a quick post before I dash off to work.
The sun gods didn't smile on me yesterday. It rained a-l-l day.
So, I was originally planning on painting or working on yard sale stuff, But I ended up doing a massive cleaning of the bathroom. Now anyone who knows me knows I hate cleaning bathrooms. And I tend to let it go much longer than I should. It always looks sooo nice when it's done, you'd think I would want to keep it that way, but no, I wait and wait to do it until it's getting pretty disgusting. But when I do clean it, I go all out. And this time, I even went through the medicine cabinet and linen closet. I threw out so much stuff! Eye drops from 7 years ago when I had Lasik. Pills from when Craig broke his ribs. Assorted creams and ointments we haven't used in years. It was very cleansing.
That took the better part of the afternoon.
I've also been checking MyVegas slots on Facebook trying to book our room for July, but they haven't updated their calendar yet. It only goes through June. Last year they redid it in early May, so I keep looking.
And my Grape Hyacinths are in full bloom....

And our Crab Apple is just about there.....

We did finally pick up some extra dishes for our set of Corelle we took to Vegas.
We wanted to make sure we could still get the pattern before they stopped making it. And the outlet store in Vegas had closed in March, So I had to get them here. I'll have to store them in a box somewhere until we move there.  This next Corelle dish is from the set we had in the Mo-Ho...
We originally wanted to take this set to Vegas, but it was 9 years old and already discontinued.  :-(
Sooo, we're using this set here.
I know it would just be easier if we used basic white plates, but I don't like plain white plates. I want my plates to have a little interest.
Anyway, now it's time for what is looking to be a very busy week in the Salon.

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