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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Got lucky. Another yard day.

Good morning.
Well, the nice weather gods smiled on me as the rain yesterday ended early, and the sun broke through giving us a nice day.  :-)
We got our running done and even got a power walk in.
Back home, I did more work in the yard.
Here's another view of the back yard from the other end of the house.
You can see, I've still got a lot of flower beds. The big one on the right is in my shade area, and doesn't get a lot of weeds. I'll probably leave that one as is.
I also edged around the two trees in the back yard that have hosta's coming up around them.

The greenery on the left side of the bottom pic is from some very early spring bulbs. They will die down as the hosta's soon start to come up through them.
This morning, rain is coming, but I got outside early and dug, divided, and replanted a bunch of other hosta's.
Once they start coming up, there's a small window when it's best to divide. That's when the leaf shoots start to lengthen, but before they start to unfurl. And probably by next weekend, which will be the next time I have any time, they'll probably be to far along. Then you have a good chance of damaging the leaves and causing more undue stress to the plant.
Now time to go.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the gardening tip. Been thinking of trying hosta, but not sure if I can find an area suitable.
    Your yard looks great, as always.
    Hope your work week isn't too hard on you!