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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

weekend in review

Good morning.
As I said in my Monday post, Sunday was spent with Mom, Monday, I went to the Retinal Doctor at Lansing Ophthalmology for my check-up. Nothings changed so I go back in a year.
I managed to get some weeding done before the rain moved in that afternoon. So I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the last bedroom. Took down all the pictures, patched holes, removed outlet covers, and painted the 3 windows and got a coat of paint on the walls. Tuesday morning, I started working on the yard sale stuff. Once Craig got up we went out and picked up driveway sealer, another can of paint, and a new mouse. No, not a pet mouse. My puter mouse was acting up. It would take sometimes 2 or 3 clicks to get it to work. I unplugged it hoping to 'reset' it, but no good. So I got a new one. Tuesday afternoon, I put the second coat of paint on the bedroom walls. While that was drying, we booked  a room at the MGM Grand for our July trip to Vegas. Thanks to the Facebook game MyVegas Slots, we got the free room, and also each of us got $10 in free slot play and also free drinks at Centrifuge bar.  I'm hoping to get a food voucher too, but right now they are all sold out. They 'restock' the rewards regularly, so I'll periodically check back.
We finished putting the bedroom back together, and with the rain finally over, I went out and did a quick mowing.
Craig took this pick from the bedroom window.....
Ferns coming up in the corner of the house between the bedroom and living room. Yes, that green plastic dome is a drain. We put that in many years ago because that shady area under the Crabapple tree stayed very wet.
Now time to get ready for a busy week in the Salon.

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