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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Good morning.
Yesterday, of course, was Mother's Day, and of course, as a good son, I went to see mine.
When we arrived, Mom wanted me to check the smoke detectors. One was making an intermittent beep. I took both of them down and removed the batteries. Figured both should be changed. She didn't have any batteries so I said we'll pick them up on the way back from the club.
Cut her hair, and took her to Red Lobster for lunch. We arrived at 11:15 and it was already very busy.  Mom had Tilapia, I had Salmon and Craig had a cheeseburger. (he doesn't like fish, but said the burger was very good)
When we left about 12:15, the waiting room was full and they were standing out the door.
Got to the VFW and had a couple of drinks and pull-tabs. As usual when I go up, no luck. My brother Brian and wife Ruth joined us for a bit.
 On the way back to her apart., stopped and got batteries and a couple of multi plug outlets.
She has 2 chargers. One for her phone, and one for her help center necklace. They won't both fit in the wall outlet by her table because of their odd shapes. So I picked up 2 three outlet plugs. She doesn't need 6 outlets, but it gives her more room to plug in both at the same time. Got her home, put the smoke detectors back up and we headed back to Lansing. Lot's of traffic and intermittent rain, but Craig got us home safe.
This morning, I have an eye appointment. It's the 6 week check-up from the eye issue I had here. And that's at 7:45 so I better get going.

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  1. Thanks for visiting Mom. Glad you all had a good time and got home safely.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!