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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

And then, the well

Good morning.
After our usual running on Monday morning, I put the dresser and night stand on Craig's List. I was surprised it didn't sell during the yard sale. Anyway, I priced it a bit higher than the yard sale, and with-in an hour, it was sold.  :-)
I also listed the counter top dishwasher, but no takers. Not sure what I'll end up doing with that.
I spent the rest of the day working around the yard.
Monday afternoon, while enjoying cocktails on the deck, my chair did a slow motion collapse. It was really quite humorous. First, the back gave way which led to arms separating and finally the legs giving out until it was completely folded flat.
So that was first on our Tuesday agenda.
Went to several places looking for an inexpensive replacement with no luck until Menard's. I dislike those Adirondack chairs. They're to low and the back is too angled. Found a nice green plastic high back chair. Ended up buying 2 of them so they at least match. Will keep the other for company.
Also, the well company came out and pulled the old pump from the well.
The well is located in front of the shed, behind the garage.
 The truck was able to get to it down the side of the garage where we use to park the mo-ho.

 And finally, the pump itself. 185 feet of pipping they pulled out to reach the pump.
 I dug out the patio stones around the well, and now it's ready for them to cut off the pipe once the concrete is poured.
Today, they come back to pour concrete in the well to permanently seal it. Then they will cut the pipe off one ft below grade. Then paperwork is submitted to the state that this abandoned well has been properly sealed.
That was one more thing that had to be done before we can sell the house.
I also finished painting the trim around the garage doors. Slowly but surely getting things done.   :-)
Now it's back to work.


  1. How does the counter-top dishwasher work? How big is it?
    Glad your weekend ended with accomplishment.
    Have a good work week!

  2. Wayne, I'm not sure I understand the well issue. What was it for and why are you not using it anymore? I don't recall you ever mentioning it before.