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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

well, it's Wednesday

Good morning.
Well, it's Wednesday, so that must mean back to work.  :-(
But, it was a fairly productive weekend. We had two Realtors out to look at the house and property. One on Monday, and one on Tuesday. They both commented on how well the house will show. Guess I've done a good job cleaning and  clearing. I had read that removing as much 'stuff' off counters will make the place more appealing and less 'lived in'.  Everything in the kitchen is off the counters and put away, and the bathroom has only a soap dish on the counter. I remember looking at homes in Vegas and some peoples kitchens and bathrooms were chocked full of crap.  It takes a wee bit more time to fix food and get ready in the morning, but once you get used to it, it's really quite easy. And it sure looks nice and neat!  :-)
I've even removed any pictures that have people in them. They say you don't want prospective buyers having a mental image of the owners. That supposedly lets them more easily visualize the home as theirs. The Realtors will be back next week with their recommendations on price, sale time and such. I'm hoping to get another realtor here later this week.
Here's the spot where our well was..... 
Filled in with dirt and seeded.
For dinner on Monday, I grilled chicken thighs and Craig made pasta salad.
And here's a couple of garden pics....

I also cleaned out the eve-troughs and did a bunch of weeding.
Also, Rose Pest Solutions came out to check the termite bait stations termites!
Now time to get ready for work.

1 comment:

  1. That chicken looks great! Did you bake or boil it first? I usually end up baking chicken because I can't get it to cook right on the grill.
    Have a great work week!