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Saturday, June 20, 2015

almost the weekend

Good morning.
It's been a fairly busy week in the Salon, although I have a short day today. After work, we'll go for a walk and have a late lunch at Reno's. It's suppose top be partly sunny and 78 today, and Reno's has a nice outdoor patio. Then we'll head over to Staples to buy a new paper shredder. Ours is about worn out, and Craig has a lot of papers that need to be gotten rid of before we move.He saves everything way to long.
And here's a few more pics of the yard.....

Our home phone is acting weird. When someone calls, instead of the usual ring, it has a very short ring. Then, there is no caller ID showing and the answering machine doesn't pick up. There is also quite a loud background buzzing noise. I went through the trouble shooting that was listed on the website. Unplugged every phone and modem and replugged each and checked. I even went out to the outside box and plugged a phone in there and still the same. So they are sending out a tech on Monday. We're also meeting a second realtor on Monday. He will be presenting a marketing plan. We're received one yesterday and a third should be sometime next week. It will be interesting to see how close they each are.
Well, time to get going.

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  1. Looking good. Enjoy your weekend!