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Monday, June 22, 2015

a busy Sunday

Good morning.
It was a beautiful day yesterday, and we spent the biggest part outside.
We burned up a pile of branches and boxes and boxes of papers.
During the winter, when I went through every closet, drawer and cupboard, I neglected one area......Craig's closet.
Mainly because he stores all the papers from work in there and I don't mess with his stuff.  :-)
Well, he discovered he had a few things I could have put in our past sale, like his old 35mm camera and tripod and a slew of old papers he didn't need to keep any more. Like stuff from 1993!
Soooo, he went through a lot of it and  kept just the last 7 years. I had enough paper to fill a hundred shredders, so I hauled it all out to the burning hole and burned them up. Took a big part of the afternoon, but will save me weeks of shredding.  :-)
And the camera and stuff I'll add to the already growing pile for our final sale. I'm already running across more stuff we won't take to Vegas or an apartment.
This morning, I worked on the storage/compost area of the yard. Bagged up a bunch of old pots and stuff to haul into the dumpster at work this morning.
 Then we need to be back here for the realtor at 10am.
So time for me to go.


  1. Hope you get some good quotes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. This is getting exciting boys.