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Thursday, July 09, 2015

a good Vegas trip

Good morning.
Another good trip to Vegas.   :-)
We left last Friday morning, flying out of Lansing, and transferring in Detroit. Arrived in Vegas on time, caught a cab to the bus stop, and rode the bus out to the community.  Our house is exactly a 1 mile walk from the bus stop. 18 minutes. It was 101 degrees. But we did just fine. It's a dry heat.   :-)
And that does make a difference. Yes, 101 is still very hot, and we were a bit moist when we got to the house. But we had water to drink and a power mister that really helped. And even though the house thermostat was set at 90, it actually felt quite refreshing when we went inside, compared to the outside.  We turned everything on, got the car started, and while the house cooled down, we went out for supplies.
We had 3 little issues with the house this trip.
1. The light and exhaust switch in the second bath didn't work.
2. The lock between the garage and house failed.
3. I discovered two major leaks in our drip irrigation system.
So, we got a new lock for the garage door, and I repaired the two leaks. The electric issue will have to wait until we have more time to get someone out there.
And despite the two major leaks, it looks like everything still got enough water. I even had to trim the Rosemary bushes out front that really had grown.
I forgot to take a before pic, so this is a partially done pic.  :-)
And here they are done.
We even had a thunderstorm while we were there.
Apparently July is monsoon season. That means little storms can pop up out of nowhere and produce heavy rain for several minutes, and then they're gone. We only got about a quarter of an inch in Aliante, but the strip got just over an inch.
We did add another thing to the house, a wall clock.
 I can see the time from either the kitchen or living room.
We also got the walk in closet painted, along with the laundry room and coat closet. So a fairly busy trip.
And while visiting one of the few neighbors that stay the summer, Ingrid, she insisted on giving us a ride back to the bus stop when we left. We accepted. 
Spent the last night of our trip at the MGM. A huge resort! And our nearly free room was great! I'll post more pics when I get a chance, but with just one day off before we go back to work, we have a lot to do today, and our realtor is coming out to put the lock box on our door as our listing goes live today. also.

1 comment:

  1. I agree about the heat. Middle son, who did two tours in Iraq, said the heat down here gets to him because of the humidity.
    It's like Alaska. The dry cold of the interior is easier to adapt to, than the wet cold of the coast.
    Glad to hear there were no major problems. Hope your work week goes well!