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Friday, July 10, 2015

MGM tower spa suite

Good morning.
As I said before, we spent the last night of our stay in Vegas at the MGM casino/resort, courtesy of the Facebook game, MyVegas Slots. Yep! we get free rooms thanks to playing this free game.   :-)
We also got free slot play, free drinks, and two free dinner buffet passes.
Now we did decide to do a little upgrade for $34.00.
 And this is what we got......

A nice large L shaped room, with a pretty nice view.
That's New York New York, Monte Carlo and Aria from left to right. The roof and the blue/green building in the lower half of the pic is all MGM property
Tropicana Blvd with Excalibur on the left.
Big white building, the old Tropicana, then Luxor the pyramid and Mandalay Bay. We're staying at Mandalay bay when we go back on our next trip.
And Craig bringing ice for drinks before we head out.
Our neighbor Ingrid dropped us off at the bus stop, and we took that down to Koval and Tropicana which is pretty much right behind the MGM, so not to far to walk. This resort is enormous! I think it's probably the largest on the strip. It must have taken me over 30 minutes to go from the room to a party store one block away and back. But that was okay as Craig had to wait for security to come and open the in-room safe.  It was locked when we checked in. Apparently the previous person/persons locked it before leaving. He opened it up to find half a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich in it. yuk!
So, we had a couple of cocktails enjoyed the view and headed down to the casino. Got our free drinks, free slot play, spent a little more and ate at the buffet.
Before we went to the bus stop, we stopped at our community center to use their free computer to print out our boarding passes. I discovered if I log in with my user name and password, since we've flown quite a few times now, we get TSA Pre-check. That means when we get to the airport, we get to go in a special shorter line and don't have to take off our shoes or belts.  Nice!  Now if I could just figure out how to get free seat upgrades on the plane.   :-)
This plane was the first we've been on that wasn't completely packed. Craig and I ended up in a row with 3 seats so we were nice and comfy with the extra room.
All our flights were on time and uneventful and we arrived back in Lansing  as scheduled.
It was another good trip.   :-)
But now, it's back to reality and work. Today I'm booked from 8am until 6:30pm.  And Saturday, 8am until 6pm.  :-(
They say, those who play must pay. At least, it's just two days.


  1. That MGM suite would make an excellent apt.! It's fun watching your path to retirement......hope that you guys have a quick sale on your home.


  2. That was $34 well spent!
    I guess someone thought they were quite the joker. Still, I'm surprised that housekeeping doesn't check the safes, and call security when they are locked. Who knows what could be left in there - as you found out!
    You can do two days in your sleep. :-)
    Take care and have a great weekend. We may see 100, plus humidity!