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Friday, July 31, 2015

an apartment, finally!

Good morning.
Finally! We have an apartment!
One of the complexes we looked at was Plumtree Apartments. At the time they had no openings. They had 2 units that were in the application process. It was possible that one of them wouldn't make it and I put my name on them to be called if that happened. I wasn't crazy about one of the units as it was a 'garden' apt. You know, it sits half in the ground and half out. You look out your windows at grass level. You see peoples shoes walking by.  But we were getting a bit desperate. We need to move 2 weeks from next Monday.
Well, we got lucky! I received a call yesterday morning from the leasing agent. She said they had just received a move out notice for this weekend. And it was a one bedroom balcony unit! It would be ready to occupy around the 14th.  We want to move on the 17th! How fricken perfect is that!
What we like about this complex, is it's close to work, the price is good, and it's one of only 2 complexes with addition storage space in the laundry area. Now we have a place to store our cars snow tires!
Yes, we gave up having a washer/dryer in the unit. But they have them in each building, and since we have Monday and Tuesday off, it shouldn't be a problem doing laundry there. Also, we figure we can take laundry to work on Saturdays. We are usually the only ones working then.
The building above isn't the one our unit is in, but all the buildings look similar. We'll be on the middle floor.
So with that piece of the puzzle in place, things are looking good.   :-)
Now it's off to work.
Oh, an interesting bit of trivia.......
We lived at Plumtree Apts. 30 years ago. That is where we moved from when we bought our house.

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  1. Full circle. Mom said she remembered them as being nice apartments.