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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

getting ready to move on

Good morning.
It was a fairly busy weekend.
We met with the Realtor, and signed most of the papers to list our house. We're waiting to a response our lawyer had about 2 items, before we sign the rest.
We spent a good part of the day on Monday looking at apartments. We found this layout we both really liked....
Instead of a tunnel effect that most apartments seem to have, this one feels more like a house. Unfortunately, as we've found with every apartment complex we looked at, there are very few available apartments. Seems that our side of town has become very popular for renters. And since we have no idea how long it will take to sell our house, we are going to need a plan B and C if this apartment is no longer available when we are ready to move.
In other news.....
I've been re-going through closets and cabinets and such and have taken another 4 bag of 'stuff' out to the garage for a final sale when we have the house sold. Now we're down to asking....will we need/want this in Vegas? Even after our big sale a few weeks ago, I'm still finding more 'stuff' we can do without. I guess 30 years adds a lot of 'stuff' to a house.  :-)
And one thing we've decided to let go is a set of China.....
We have an 8 piece set. Got the starter set many, many years ago as a Christmas present from the Salon staff. We added to it to make it an 8 piece. I think we've used it maybe less that a dozen times over the years.  We don't entertain much and certainly not formally, so time for it to go.

We also added glasses, stemware, a salt and pepper shaker, and coasters that aren't part of the original set, but go nicely with it.
So if anyone is interested, let me know before I list it.
Now time to get to work. Looking to be a very busy week!


  1. Have a safe week and good luck with apartment hunting.

  2. Stuff stuff and more stuff! I totally understand, when I moved, it was only a one bedroom apartment and I was giving away stuff for days lol. At the end I had to throw out things as my lease ended and needed to be out. I don't know how I had fit so many things in, and you have a whole house to deal with.

  3. It's actually a great feeling to get rid of stuff. Down sizing is invigorating!