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Sunday, June 28, 2015

a remarkable week

Good evening.
 Sorry for the lack of posts. I guess I've just been lazy.  :-)
I cleaned the Salon this morning. Craig and I went for our power walk, and back home, we mowed the yard and I weeded and deadheaded.
It's been quite the week nationally. First, I get to keep my health insurance thanks to the supreme court ruling all states can get a subsidy, and then the most unexpected supreme court ruling that says the 38 years Craig and I have been together means as much as any other relationship.
I've never said anything like this on my blog before, but Craig and I feel we're as much of a committed couple as anyone. And although I've seen on Facebook that a number of my 'friends' don't feel the same about these issues, maybe it's time to rethink who really are my 'friends'.
But enough of that.
At the Salon, we have been coerced into upgrading our charge card terminal.
Starting in October, we have to have a terminal that will accept the new charge cards with a computer chip.
Our current one.....
the Zon jrXL can only swipe the magnetic cards. Our new one....
The Djavoo X8s will do both of them.
We got it set up Wed. and I really like the ease and simplicity of it.
In other news....
We settled on a Realtor, and she is coming out tomorrow to discuss the listing. Also, we are going to start looking at apartments, to get an idea what's available, and what we might like.
But now, I'm getting tired, so time for bed.


  1. I also found it interesting that other than my son, none of my relatives (conservative christian, republicans) bothered to comment on the same sex marriage decision. Like you, I am wondering if I should reconsider relationships. Maybe it is best they kept silent as they know I would bring confrontation and arguments to the center of the room if they spoke up against it. If my partner had survived his cancer, we also would have been in our relationship for 38 years. Good luck on your continued life together, you are fortunate to have each other.

  2. Hope you all have a great week!

  3. Congratulations on the same-sex marriage ruling, I was surprised it went through. We have been able to marry for years now, no one even thinks about it much these days, except the bigots.

  4. I'm with you about friends on Facebook and the ruling. Barely a peep from most of my straight friends. Even my childhood friends. I wonder if they're against it but won't post that on FB because of me? Or maybe they do post it but exclude me from the people who can see it.