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Monday, July 20, 2015

going, going, going!

Good morning.
It was a busy day yesterday, and very productive.   :-)
I posted the furniture that I had posted here on Craig's list, and not only did I sell most of that, I also sold a coffee table and 2 end tables.  A person who saw my listings was trying to help her daughter furnish a new apt. So she ended up buying as much as she could. I also had a Salon customer come over. Her son is closing on a house in a week, and because he's moving from an apt. has nothing for out side. She bought my snow blower, lawn mower, weed wacker and assorted shovels, rakes and garden tools. Then she came inside and thought her son would love the recliner and bought that too!
And through facebook, I sold the bookcase.  The blue leather furniture had already been spoken for, and I'll call her today to let her know she can pick it up.
So, all the big ticket items are gone, except the bed frame.
And here's a few pics of my rapidly emptying house....
The bookcase is being picked up next weekend. The recliner and outdoor stuff is being picked up when I'm done working in the yard. Just before closing around the 24th of August.

I also spent the day taking down artwork and pictures and patching and painting. I'd like the new owner to come in and have a fresh canvas to work with.
Oh, and click on the above pic. It looks to me like a sad face on the wall in the other room. But I have nothing on the walls. It must have been some reflection from the flash. Or the camera saw something I can't. Maybe the house is sad to see me go. Kind of freaky weird!
I've also started doing some packing. I've got stuff I want out in Vegas that I won't use here. I'm labeling the boxes Vegas and they will be stored for the final move.
I've made 2 early morning trips to Meijer's to pick up boxes. Early morning is a great time as that is when they're stocking. And I'm gonna  need a lot of boxes.  :-)
Today, it's trying to settle on an apt. We want our final yard sale 3 weeks from yesterday. Then a dumpster delivered to get rid of the rest. Then to move 3- 4 weeks from today. Closing is tentatively scheduled for 5 weeks from today. That would give me a few days to do a final cleaning of the house.
So, a busy month ahead. So I should get going.

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  1. Maybe after all this time you had a ghost and didn't know it! Exciting that you are starting a new part of life but I think there is a little something sad about leaving a home for good.