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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Back to work to relax.

Good morning.
The last two days were busy, as we looked for an apartment, mowed the yard, patched and painted and started packing.
On an apartment....
It doesn't look like it will be Runaway Bay. since we looked there 4 weeks ago, the rent has gone up more than $50 a month. Their pricing policy seems to be all about supply and demand. The fewer apts. they have available, up the rent goes. So it looks like we've come down to 2 places. Tammany on the Ponds, and Water's Edge. We're not thrilled with any of them. The kitchens are tiny, and very little storage. But it's been 30 years since our last apt.  After looking at so many apartments, I realize how nice our little house is.  Oh well, it's only for about a year hopefully. We'll make our final decision on Friday. Should have the house inspection report by then.
With all the furniture sold or spoken for, I'm now starting to pack things. Some boxes are label Vegas, as we won't need any thing in those boxes until we move to Vegas.
And we've been on a resorting binge. Going back through closets and cupboards and thinning out more stuff. We have too much stuff to fit in that tiny apt.
Now it's back to work. Looking like a fairly light week. That would be nice so I can relax a little.  :-)

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about the lack of apartments. Must be why your house sold so quickly.
    Good luck and have a great week!