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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Good evening.
It ended up being  a fairly busy week in the salon, and after work today, we headed over to Reno's for cocktails and to enjoy the beautiful weather.
The person who wanted the bookcase came over and picked that up and spotted the throw pillows on the couch. I really liked those as they were bought them in Chicago and they are very unique. But ended up selling her those too as we won't need them in Vegas. A person also called about the king bed frame and is coming over tomorrow to look at it.
I had a message on my answering machine when I got home from work on Thursday. It was from my charge card company. There were suspicious charges they wanted to know about and I should call them right away.
Come to find out that earlier in the day there were 3 charges made in the Detroit area, and I said I made none of those. They froze my card and are issuing me a new one. I suspect it was due to  an e-mail I got about a month ago from one of our beauty suppliers stating their payment system was hacked and my information may have been stolen. Apparently it was. Fortunately, the 3 charges were each less that $50. And I'm not liable for any of them.
Also, the house inspection went well, and now there's an appraisal being done next Tuesday. If that goes well, I suspect a closing date will follow.
And Monday, we're looking at more apartments. We still aren't happy with any of the ones we've seen. All to much money for what you're getting. I like my house much better than any of them. But, it is going to be semi temporary, so I suppose we can put up with any of them for a year or two. We just have to decide on what we'll put up with and for how much. We have exactly 3 weeks to decide and move.
And with that, I'm going to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. Cleaning the Salon, and hopefully do a lot of yard work. I've neglected the yard this past month or so trying to get the house sale ready. I'd like the place to look good inside and out for the new owner.


  1. Have you looked into renting a house? I know it will be a little more work, but maybe you'd be happier there.
    Ours rents through a rental company There must be some of those in your area. I don't know what apartments rent for, but maybe you'll find a whole house for the same, or not much more.

    Good luck with your yard work. Hope you can enjoy your weekend!

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Apartment living isn't what used to be 30 year's ago, at least not in Dallas. Consider leasing a condo from an individual. The neighbors will be different, as they are typically owners.