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Friday, July 17, 2015

going, going, gone?

Good morning.
It's been an insanely busy week in the Salon.
Add to that we haven't been able to go home right after work due to late home showings, and that makes for long days.
But, it appears to have been worth it as we have received 2 good offers on the house.   :-)

 These were the 2 showings and the feedback.  The first showing was very interested and really liked the house.
We meet with our Realtor this morning to settle on one and begin the closing process.
With each offer, they want closing by the end of August. So that means after the home inspection and appraisal is completed, and accepted, we'll need to hustle to find an apartment and get this house emptied. It looks to be an extremely hectic month ahead.
With that said, we want to get rid of more furniture.....
 A metal bed frame with brushed nickel finish that will support a king or queen mattress.
 A cherry dresser with 2 matching night stands.
 An oriental cabinet.
And a book case.
They will be going on Craig's list this weekend when I get some time.
If any readers are interested, send me an e-mail.
Now time to get ready for work.


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Wow! This happened to me also a couple of years ago, the first day on the market and two offers, then a bidding war. Congratulations!


  2. So it's really happening, you're leaving me to move out west! Lol. I'm a little jealous, no more snow etc etc. That was also the good thing about renting an apartment, no snow to shovel, no lawns to cut, plus just lock the door and go anywhere anytime. End of August will come fast.