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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

clean, clean and more clean

Good morning.
It's a cool 55 out this morning after a fairly rainy weekend.
But I spent a good part of it cleaning. I think the house is as clean as it's been since we bought it 30 years ago.   :-)
We have 3 showings today and one scheduled for tomorrow. After several days of no activity at all, suddenly there are people who want to see the house.
And it's looking to be a very busy week in the Salon as I continue to try and play catch-up from out little vacation.
We did manage to mow Monday afternoon after it dried up a bit so the yard looks pretty good. I haven't spent as much time on maintaining the flower beds as I've spent sooo much time inside cleaning, thinning, and getting rid of stuff. I hauled another 2 bags into work yesterday.
But hopefully it will all pay off when we are ready to move. We'll see.
But now, time for me to get.

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