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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

another busy weekend

Good morning.
Whew! It's been a busy weekend, and a very productive one.  Had my moving sale and did quite well. Got the 8 yard trailer delivered Monday morning during our nearly 4 inch monsoon. Fortunately, the rain ended by noon, and I worked on clearing out the garage. Tuesday we mowed and I worked on the final clearing out of the compost/storage area. You can collect a lot of crap in 30 years!

But it's all done now, and I'm feeling we're in a good position with being nearly ready to move.
The riding mower is being picked up after we close and the stuff in the back of the garage is being picked up this next weekend.
The tires go with us and will go in the storage area in the laundry room.
And I continue to box up stuff we shouldn't need until after the move. I've boxed 13 so far, and I'm thinking I might need more boxes! It's amazing how little actually fits in each box! But we have all day next Sunday to pack before the mover arrive Monday at 10am.
Now, it's another work week, and looking to be fairly busy.

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  1. Hope you have a safe, great week.