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Monday, August 31, 2015

the apartment comes together.

Good morning.
We continue to get the apartment organized, and  I can finally show you some pics.
The wall with the pyramid cabinet is the one shared wall with a neighbor. To the right is the entry closet and front door. To the left is the hall to the bathroom, linen closet and bedroom.
My puter desk is in the corner by the patio door. Looks like we could use a bigger TV. Oh, we have one. It's in Vegas.  :-)
As you can see, sparse and spacious. We hung just a few pics to help make it feel homey. The rest we put in storage.
Craig's desk in the bedroom.
So we are getting settled in and it feels really good. Still getting use to people and noise.
And in other news......
I went back through my blog and apparently I never posted why the sale of my house is taking so long.
Here's the scoop. The Monday after we picked up the keys to the apartment, (that would have been the 17th of August),  I texted our Realtor to find out why we didn't have a closing date and time set yet, because the buyer wanted closing by the 24th, and occupancy at closing. Well, come to find out, undisclosed to us, the mortgage company she is using to buy our house wants to see money from the sale of her house first.
So basically, our sale is contingent on her sale. That was not in the buyers offer. So we had 2 choices. Cancel the deal, keep the earnest money and put the house back on the market. That would mean another inspection and appraisal also. Or, work with the current buyer. She does have a buyer for her home, and they were set to close the week before us, but their appraisal wasn't good. Sooo, long story a little shorter....They've got their buyers hooked up with the mortgage company our buyer is using. Our Realtor thinks they will get a better appraisal from them. So.......they were approved for a mortgage and last week, the appraisal was ordered. Hope to find out this week if it was good. If so, we should close in about a week, if not, we'll cancel the deal and relist.
So there, now your up to speed.   :-)
And now, time to get.

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  1. Crazy. Hope all goes well. Will be better for you all. Enjoy your weekend.