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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Good morning.
It's was a slow week in the Salon, following a slow month.  I'm concerned that our eventual move to Vegas is causing people to look for another stylist. That's the one thing I was worried about if we told people we were planning  a move.
Hopefully, it's just a late summer lag thing.
Friday evening, after work, we went to a football game.
It was  a high school game and we hadn't been to one since we were in high school

We have a stylist and a good customer who has kids on the team. And I even cut one of the kids. They play for Catholic Central. Their game was against Waverly, which is practically in our back yard. So after dinner, we walked over to the stadium. High school football is a lot different than college or pro.  Since Catholic central was the visiting team, the bleaches we sat in weren't very high so not a very good vantage point to watch the plays. But we enjoyed watching the game. We left a little over half way, as the metal bleachers were hurting my behind. I don't have the cushion I use to.  :-) 
And watching the game live, you don't get instant replays so you miss re-seeing some of the good plays.
And in other news......
As expected, we received a request for another extension on the house. This time through Sept. 11th. Hopefully they will get all their ducks in a row and we'll finally close. Until then, we have to go over every week to mow, weed, and deadhead. Got to keep the yard looking good, just in case this deal falls through and we need to relist it. Let's hope not.
And we should get the rest of the boxes unpacked or stored in our storage unit this weekend.
So time to go.


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Just wondered if you should relist the house stating there is a sale pending but the listing is active. Should an offer come in, either they step up and close or you can go with the new buyer.
    I'm a little worried for you. I'm sure you have the right to keep the earnest money if they fail to close by the Sept date.
    Good luck! MikeInDallas

  2. Sorry to hear things are not going smoothly with the house. My biggest concern when we decide to sell is we'll have to hire a company to do the yard work.
    Good luck with that.

    Hopefully your missing customers are just on vacation. Take care and have a great week.