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Friday, August 28, 2015

Plumtree Apts.

Good morning.
Here's a few pics of the apartment building we're in.....
We're the sort of second floor balcony on the left. The first floor is actually a 'garden' apartment. Half in the ground. So there is only 8 steps up to my 'floor'.
A view from the other parking lot where our cars park. That's my Kia in the first spot under the carport.
Another view of the building from across the green area. There's few windows under the right balcony as that is the laundry/storage room.
This apartment complex was built in 1970. 36 buildings containing 406 apartments. The building I'm in is all one bedroom units. 11 to be exact. 4 per floor so every bedroom is in a corner.
When originally built, it was one of the nicer complexes in the city, and the nicest on the west side. They were so well built,  even with age, they are still very nice.
But now I'm off to work.

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