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Monday, August 24, 2015

the kitchen comes together.

Good morning.
It's been a busy weekend with work and the new apartment.
Without a washer/dryer in our apartment, Saturday was the first day taking our laundry to the Salon. Craig and I are usually the only ones working on Saturday, so that was a good time to do laundry while we worked. We were able to finish the laundry about the same time as we got done in the Salon.
I think it will work out okay.
We're getting more 'settled' in our new place every day. Getting a little more unpacking, and more organized.
We've got the kitchen together, and with some modifications, everything fits.   :-)
We added under cabinet lighting to brighten up that end of the kitchen.
A bistro table and chairs by the window. These will go with us to Vegas and go out on the patio there.
A large white storage cabinet we brought from the house. And two 7 drawer storage units next to it. Craig took out a shelf in the linen closet to make room for a clothes hamper and that shelf fit perfectly over the storage units and a good place to put the microwave. And the espresso machine sits on top of that when not in use. Baking pans go in racks on top of the large storage cabinets.
So despite a tiny kitchen, we fit everything in there.  :-)
I even got a large plastic cutting board that fits over half the sink giving Craig more 'counter' space when needed.
I'll take pics of the living room, once I get the rest of the boxes out. I'm getting close.   :-)
Now time to get going.

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  1. Looking good. Enjoy your weekend!