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Sunday, September 27, 2015

a nice Saturday

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon.
It was a fairly steady week. Reached my average.   :-)
Saturday after work, we drove downtown and walked the river trail. Afterwards, we stopped at the Waterfront Bar and Grill at the Lansing City Market. Had a couple of drinks and took in the Michigan State game.
On the way back to the apartment, we stopped at Horrocks and picked up a turkey breast to cook on the grill today.
On checking the mail when we got home, I received a check from our health insurance company. It was from the 2014 billing year. It was for $3.34.  :-/
Apparently, according to the Affordable Care Act, (Obama care) if the insurance companies don't spend a certain percentage of their premiums on actual heath care, the rest has to be refunded to the subscribers. Blue Cross said their health care expenditures were less than expected, so a refund was in order. Do you think that will keep my next year rates from going up? I don't think so.  But, it's better than nothing!
Today, after our coffee, paper, and walk, Craig will do his book work and I'll give the apartment a quick cleaning.
Tomorrow, I go in to be fitted for a hearing aid.
Not much else to say.   :-)

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  1. Glad to hear your work is back up. Enjoy your earing aid.