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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

a fairly busy weekend

Good morning.
It was a  cool, cloudy, foggy, damp weekend. But a productive one.
Monday, we shopped for a couple of new floor lamps. Craig didn't have enough light in the office area of the bedroom for his paperwork, and the light we had in the living room was to far from my desk for me. So, not wanting to spend a lot of money we hit Walmart. Found one on clearance for $5.  :-)
Was left over from their back to school specials. But only one. So, we headed over to Big Lot's, but struck out, then over to Menard's, no luck, and then to Target where we got one for $8.
Then for dinner, it was chicken thighs on the grill and roasted veggies.
That's another nice thing about this apt. complex. They allow small grills with those small camping propane tanks.  Most complexes don't allow them. We were lucky we kept the portable grill from the motor home.  Tuesday, we walked, got our flu shots, and then changed the tires on the Kia. And that's another nice thing about this complex. The large storage area each apt has in the laundry room. We have 2 sets of tires, and at least a dozen boxes stored there.
Then, after talking to the Salon staff, we ordered this years calendars that we give out for Christmas.
The company we buy these from every year had these nice ones in there clearance center. Got them for nearly 1/3 the regular price. That even beats the buy one get one free they sometimes have.   :-)
And we're still looking over all the Medicare info. I think Craig's going to make an appointment with the Tri-County Office on Aging. They have volunteers especially trained to help you sort through all the different choices. He mainly can't decide on whether to get a medicare advantage plan, or regular medicare and a prescription and medigap policy.
Fortunately, he has plenty of time to decide.
Now time to get ready for work.

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