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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Good afternoon from a cold dreary Lansing.
I cleaned the Salon as usual this morning. We are officially settled in our apartment, as Craig is making a meatloaf for dinner. Despite out teeny tiny kitchen, he's making it work.   :-)
It was a fairly busy week in the Salon for a change and after work on Saturday, we met a customer at Reno's for drinks, snacks, and the Michigan State Football game. The place was very busy! But we don't normally go there on football Saturdays.  :-)
And luckily, our Spartans won!
Friday afternoon, a maintenance  guy from the apartment complex came by to check out our toilet. Apparently the apartment below us was getting some mold on their ceiling and the ceiling was feeling 'soft'.
The toilet looked okay, so he decide to 'pull' it to check and see if the seal was intact and good. It wasn't. So they replaced the seal, reset the toilet and re-caulked. He cleaned up after himself and when he was gone, it looked like he was never there.
Today  I cleaned the apartment while Craig did his usual book work. It's nice having the place so clean. Back at the house, I hate to admit, the bathroom got to looking pretty disgusting before I'd clean it. But without the big yard to maintain, I'm cleaning every weekend.   :-)
And last Wed. our little malls biggest tenant moved out. They had  over 18000 sq ft of space. In comparison, we have just over 1000 ft. That leaves only 5 of us small tenants left out of about 24 spaces. We're concerned for the viability of the mall. I can't imagine we generate enough income for his overhead. We'll see.
Anyway, with that, I've got to go and wash up the dishes he dirtied getting dinner ready. Remember, I'm the dishwasher now.   :-)

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  1. Might be he decides to sell the mall. Who knows in these times. Could be you decided to work toward retirement just in time.
    Enjoy your weekend.