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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

boring weekend

Good morning.
It was a very uneventful weekend.   :-)
That's what living in an apartment will do.
We did manage to get in a walk on Sunday and Monday, but Tues. was cold, windy, and drizzly.
Got snow tires on the Kia on Sunday, hope to do Craig's car next weekend.
Just about got this medicare thing nailed down. Looks like Craig will go with traditional medicare and get a medigap policy and a prescription drug plan. He'll have 3 payments instead of one, but the coverage is explained better. And Craig will still get his Zetia from Canada. Because it's a tier 3 drug, he'd have to pay a $360 deductible and then only $40 every 3 months. So that adds up to$480 a year. He can get the generic in Canada for about $13 a month. His 2 other meds are tier 1 and 2, so the deductible doesn't apply.
I told you this medicare stuff is a little complicated.
Soooo, The cheapest plan is $18.40 a month. That will get him his 2 meds for free. Right now he's paying $24 every 3 months. So it'll still be more expensive having a drug plan then not, but if you don't get a drug plan when you sign up for medicare,  when you do eventually get a plan a year or more later, they penalize you every month for the rest of your life!
Anyway, time to get ready for work.

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