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Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Michigan State Miracle

Good afternoon.
It turned out to be a not to bad week at work.
And.... Our Michigan State Spartans miraculously won the game against arch rival Michigan!   :-)
And to commemorate the occasion.... here's a couple of pics I pulled off Facebook.....
 And for those of you not in the know.....That other school is officially called the University of Michigan.
Hence, the U of M joke.
And in the classic Peanuts comic we have our Michigan State coach mark Dantonio pulling out the ball from Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.
And finally.....
No first year coach of Michigan has beat Michigan State in  56 years.   :-)
In other news.....
I did clean the Salon this morning as usual. We went for our walk despite the chilly weather, and I did more research on medicare. I also cleaned the apartment while Craig did his usual book work. This place is staying cleaner than our house ever was. Probably because I have a lot of extra time!   :-)
That said, Craig is currently fixing a delicious dinner.  Cabbage Roll Casserole. Can't wait!
And that said, that's all I got.    :-)

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