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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Good weekend

Good morning.
As you've noticed, I haven't been posting much.
Not much to say as not much going on. That's apt living.   :-)
But, it was a fairly busy weekend. We walked each day and on Monday, Craig went to the doctor. His ear had been plugged for a week, and nothing he seemed to do would alleviate it. The doctor flushed out what he said was a ton of earwax. I'm pretty sure a ton of the stuff wouldn't fit there, so I'm assuming he just meant a lot!  ;-)
Tuesday I went and got my hearing aid. While at the office, she did some fine tuning of it and I go back in a week for more possible adjustments. It's completely programmable with her puter program. I'm so far very happy with it. It's so small and nearly visible. And more comfortable than I thought it would be. I almost forgot to take it out before bed. it's that comfortable, I forgot I had it.    :-)
We also got the snow tires on Craig's Hyundai, so we're all set for the upcoming snow season. We did them earlier this year than usual. Despite a small loss in mpg, it's worth it to do them early instead of waiting until late Nov. when it can be finger numbing cold.
Oh, and today is our Vegas house's anniversary. We signed the papers one year ago today. Hard to believe we've owned that house for a year already.
And Craig's a little peeved about the big increase he'll have to pay when signing up for Medicare. Instead of $104.00 a month it looks to be around $159.00. Thanks to his signing up for medicare, but not Social Security. And no Cola this year. It's a little too complicated to explain here, but it is what it is. We'll deal with it.
So now, it's time for another work week.

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