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Sunday, November 15, 2015

road trip

Good afternoon.
It ended up being a decent week in the Salon.
I cleaned the Salon this morning, then headed over to Muskegon to see my Mom.
Craig decided to stay home, as he had a lot of paperwork he wanted to catch up on.
Took Mom out to Red Lobster where she treated me to lunch.  :-)    
She had won at pull tabs a couple of weeks ago. We started out with lobster and crab stuffed mushrooms and I had shrimp taco's and she had the wood fired Tilapia.  Then we headed over to the VFW for a couple of drinks and pull tabs. No luck with the pull tabs. I think she does better on them when I'm not around.   :-)
On the way back to her apartment, we stopped at the store to buy her cookies, nail polish, and bananas.
Got her back to her apartment, and then headed back to Lansing.
I then boxed up the clothes I'm sending out to a friend in Vegas.
She decided on 2 sweatshirts and 10 t-shirts. I will mail them out tomorrow. I also have an 8:30 appointment with the audiologist for what I believe will be my last 'adjustment'. 
I'm liking the hearing aid, and think it's working good.
And that's it for now....

1 comment:

  1. Hope she remembered to tell you that the link to your blog disappeared.
    Enjoy your weekend.