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Friday, November 06, 2015

Vegas trip details

Good morning.
This trip to Vegas was a busy one.
First off, we replaced a cold air return vent.
The one that was up there had a broken latch. So one corner hung down. I ordered a new one online a couple of weeks before we went out, so it would be there when we arrived. It eneded up being easier than expected.
Also, we finished up with the painting. Did the other closet, the pantry, and the rest of the garage.
Here's a pic of the painted pantry. I then put shelf liner down to protect the shelves.
We then had an electrician come out. The second bath had a light switch and an exhaust switch that back in July decided not to work anymore. I checked the breakers, and they were all fine. Even the wall plug next to them worked. I had no idea what was the problem. The electrician knew right away. It was a bad GFI outlet in the garage.   Way   out   in   the   garage.   :-/
I asked why an outlet in the garage would be tied into the switches in the bathroom. He said these homes were wired odd. And all the GFI outlets were a piece of crap. The builder used cheap ones made in China. So he replaced that outlet, and everything was good. We then went out and bought 3 more GFI outlets, and I'll replace the 2 in the kitchen and the one in the bath on our next trip.
I also repaired 3 more bubblers in the front yard that had failed and were spraying instead of bubbling. Then I trimmed up the tree in the front yard. It's an African Sumac. Has a very nice shape and small long leaves. But these trees grow quite fast and the branches tend to hang.
So it was a busy productive trip.
Now back here in Lansing.....
I  went online to the site and picked a new healthcare plan for next year. Got a policy very similar to the one I have now, but it'll be nearly $30 less. I know a lot of people hate 'Obamacare" but for me, it's been a really good deal. I have pretty much the same coverage I had before, but it's costing me nearly half as much, thanks to the subsidies. And we haven't heard about Craig's Medicare yet. The site says it has been processed and he'll get a letter in the mail as to the result. Don't know why they can't tell him on the site.   :-/
Now time for me to get to work. I have an 11 hour day scheduled.  :-(

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