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Monday, November 09, 2015

busy Sunday.

Good morning.
It was a very busy 2 days, and I'm glad it's my weekend.
Yesterday, I cleaned the apartment while Craig got caught up on his paper work. I also went online and got Craig signed up for a prescription plan to go with his Medicare. He got the letter in the mail on Saturday approving his Medicare and now has a Medicare number. They say they will send him a card soon.
I also ordered more appointment cards for the Salon, and placed a supply order with Marlo Beauty. Marlo is a mail order only company in the Detroit area. Has no physical store front. But they do have the best prices for hair color, perms and such.
We also went for a very long walk. The weather was cool, only around 50, but sunny and low wind.
I also went to Kohl's with a couple of coupons to buy some much needed slacks for work.
So it was a fairly busy day.
And Craig topped it off with a tasty Tortilla Casserole.
Today will be our usual running and shopping and hopefully another walk.
And that's it for now.

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