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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

back to work.

Good morning.
Just a quickie this morning. Didn't do much this weekend, Re-watched the Big Ten Championship game and just relaxed and played on our puters.   :-)
We also did a test drive to East Lansing. Our next trip to Vegas is out of Detroit. Couldn't get a decent fare out of Lansing for that date. And we decided to take the Michigan Flyer. It's a luxury coach that goes from Lansing to the Detroit airport. It leaves from the Marriott Hotel in East Lansing. That way we won't have to worry about driving there in Michigan So we wanted to see about how long it takes from our apt to the bus stop.
Craig also  made some tasty meals this weekend including this.....
Ham stir-fry over angel hair pasta. Very good!
Weather has been nice and mild.  :-)
But now, time for work.

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  1. Have a good week and a safe trip when you go to see Mom.