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Monday, December 07, 2015

I got a little bug

Good morning.
Here's a few pics of our Salon all decked out for Christmas....

And here's our office/clubhouse across the street from our apartment....
Very Festive!
I cleaned the Salon yesterday and while Craig did his paperwork, I cleaned the apt. The rest of the afternoon, we took it easy and played on our puters.
And speaking of puters, I'm doing this post on my laptop, as my puter has a little bug. I tried to open my blog, but an ad kept popping up. So, I'm running several scanning apps to get rid of the little bugger.   ;-)
That will take a couple of hours so it's nice I still have my old laptop.
Craig also has to call Watertown Township as we received a sewer bill for our old house. He had already called them when we sold, but obviously, it didn't get changed.
 I also downloaded the Big Ten Championship game between Michigan State and Iowa, so we can watch it. Craig won't watch the Spartans live as he's convinced  they will lose. As proof, several weeks ago, I got out of work early and met a friend over at Reno's for a late lunch. The game against Purdue was on and the Spartans were wining. Craig came over when he got done, and they promptly started losing. He decided to leave before the end, and they came back and won. Last Saturday, he decided to watch the game and ended up going to bed with them down 13 - 9. They ended up winning again. So, he's decided to play it safe and not watch any more games.   :-)
And today is our usual running around. so time to get going.

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