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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Craig's birthday trip

Good evening.
We've just returned from our latest trip to Vegas. It was a long day getting there as we had to drive to Detroit to catch the plane. It was delayed. Got to Vegas and missed the bus. On holidays it only runs every hour so had to wait for the next one. But got there safe and returned home safe, so a good trip.   :-)
This was Craig's 65th birthday trip and he wanted to do the Slotzilla zoom line.
It's a 12 story tower built at one end of Fremont Street in downtown Vegas.
It goes from the tower under the canopy all the way down Fremont Street. About 6 blocks.
Can you see us on the right side of the pic flying above the crowds?

It was great fun!
The rest of the weekend we took it easy, visiting with neighbors and enjoying our home there.
And yes, we had coats on. Vegas isn't very warm in the winter. Mid 50's. But sure beats Michigan!
Now I'm tired and going to bed.


  1. Wow. Crazy! Glad you got there and back safely.
    If you would be so kind as to help a fellow blogger reach 1000 readers, I think you would enjoy John's blog.
    Hope you slept well!

  2. Thanks wayne...the prof and I are doing something similar very soon......over a 500 drop in a quarry in wales!