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Sunday, January 10, 2016

year end stuff

Good evening.
What to say.......
Not much.   :-)
It was a very busy two days in the Salon.
Cleaned the Salon on Sunday morning as usual.
 Stayed in for most of today after I cleaned the Salon.
Craig has been doing a lot of year end paperwork.
I did the year end inventory of retail and cleaned the apartment and fixed dinner. Crock pot pork chops. Weather has gotten cold and snowy.
Booked our 'free' room for our next trip to Vegas.
Staying at Excalibur. The game isn't giving as many free nights as they used to. Vegas has been really rebounding so they don't see the need to offer as many 'free' comps as they had before. There are currently no 'free' nights for weekends. Fortunately, we always need a Tuesday night.
Now, time for bed....................

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