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Thursday, March 03, 2016

about our recent trip

Good afternoon.
I've just returned home from work. Didn't work long. I usually take the day off after we get back from a trip, but I had a lot of voice mail messages when I went in to clean this morning. Sooo, I decided to do a few people today.
Weather here is a lot different from Las Vegas. Lot's of snow here and highs only in the low 20's. There, we had sunshine and  temps right around 80.
We had good flights there and back as for the times and connections, but the actually flights weren't very enjoyable. The flight from Detroit to Vegas, I had to sit next to a man who had to be at  least 300 lbs. And anyone who's flown knows those seats aren't built for any one near that size. Fortunately, I had an isle seat so a lot of me was out there. He tried his best to stay as much as possible in his 'space' but he was just too big to be contained. I would have requested another seat, but the plane was full. But I managed and survived the 4 hour flight.   :-/
Back wasn't quite as bad, although the lady next to me was at least 200 lbs.
But the important part of the trip was we arrived safe, and returned safe, so it was a good trip.
While we were there, we had some electrical work done.
We had added a swag light over the kitchen sink, as the 6 spots in the ceiling weren't close enough to the sink. I didn't like having a cord go from the light, up to the ceiling, over to the wall, and down to a plug. I decided I wanted it 'hard wired' with a wall switch which I thought would look better.
And I think it does. We also had the light/exhaust fan in the master bath by the shower separated with another switch added so I don't have the exhaust on while I shower if i don't want to. I can't seeing using the exhaust fan when the average humidity there is 20 %. I think our home could use a little extra humidity.
We also had an outlet added to the walk-in closet. Thinking we might put a small freezer there when we move out there. But after talking to neighbors, we might just put it in the garage. We'll think about that.
Then I got the idea to put a pendant light in the front entry area.  We did this ourselves. The area had a spot like the kitchen, but with 10ft ceilings, seemed too empty. Went out, bought a conversion kit for the light, a pendant and lamp shade. Here's the before and after....

We went with a white shade with a herringbone pattern. I think it looks pretty good!
We also picked up and assembled 2 desks and took a day trip to the dam. I'll post more about that later this weekend when I get time. But I'm working a full long day tomorrow and Sat.
More to come later....


  1. Glad to hear your trip was safe. The light in the kitchen looks great!
    The ceilings here are tall, too. You did a great job with the hallway light.
    Take care and be safe!

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Nice lighting update! I'm sure you both are anxious to be out there permanently. I'm sure you'll have a cactus jungle.