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Monday, March 28, 2016

another weekly post.

Good morning.
Well, it's been another week since I last posted. Maybe this will be my new routine.
It was another okay work week. My customer base seems to have stabilized for the time being. I'm at about 65% of what I was a couple of years ago. Craig is at about 50%.
The 2 new stylists have made up rent wise for some of the difference.
I cleaned the Salon as usual yesterday and it was such a nice day, we went for a long walk. Ended up at Reno's where they had the doors open. Sat and ate popcorn and had a drink enjoying our first really warm day. I believe it got to 72. Walked back home to smell dinner was almost ready. We made corned beef in the crock pot. We had enough left over for another meal and we took a plate over to a friend who lives by herself and doesn't cook much. She texted me later how much she enjoyed it.
It really is great corned beef. The recipe is here.
Today, Craig, myself, the prospective buyer and her husband are meeting with our attorney. He wants to go over some things about the sale, and has offered to mediate a new lease for her. We've already sent the certified letter to the landlord. Her getting an agreeable lease is the next step.
Once that's done, our lawyer will write up the sale agreement.
Once the sale is complete, Craig wants to trade in my Kia for a new car.
This is what he's looking at right now....
The new Jeep Renegade Latitude in Omaha Orange.
Gets pretty good gas millage, and isn't a large SUV.
Of course, we still haven't test drove it yet, but it has gotten very good reviews. And it came out in 2015, so all the bugs should have been worked out by now.
Well, I think that's all for now.


  1. Looks like a good vehicle for Michigan or Nevada.
    Hope all goes quickly.
    Enjoy your weekend and have a great week!

  2. I just test drove one of these Jeeps. Handled well. It looks really good with the light grey and brown interior and the orange interior bezels. Very good sound system, (no need to upgrade), but best buy is the mid level Altitude.

  3. Jeep Renegade Review: