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Monday, March 21, 2016

another post

Good morning.
It's been a week since my last post. Let's see, what's been going on.......
Well, the work week was okay. Not real busy, but not real slow either.
Craig is still trying to get used to his new position as a floater. That means he works at whatever station that's available on the particular day he works. He doesn't have  one station anymore now that we have 2 additional stylists working there.  We have 9 stylists, and just 7 stations. Make's for a very busy few days each week.
On Saturday, we met with our lawyer to start the process of selling our Salon. We have a buyer, and we've already met with them and gone over the books to show our expenses and profit margin. Next step is to send a certified letter to the management company informing them that we will not be renewing our lease, and that we have a buyer interested in continuing the least arrangements. Then, the prospective buyer needs to secure an acceptable lease with the landlord before the sale can be completed.
Although we are not moving for a while yet, Craig wants this next part of the process done. We'll rent from the new owner until we are finally ready to move.
Yesterday, after cleaning the Salon, we headed over to Muskegon to spend some time with my Mom.
Gave her a haircut, took out her trash, and took her to lunch at Red Lobster. She had been lucky with the pull-tabs a few weeks before, so she treated us to lunch. Then over to the VFW for a couple of drinks and more pull-tabs. No luck this time.
And Craig had to refill another prescription. He has Humana for his prescription coverage. It was real easy. didn't even have to call his doctor for a prescription, Humana handles it all. He just went online, filled out a little form, and Humana took care of contacting his doctor and filling the scrip and shipping it.
Well, that's my latest news,.

1 comment:

  1. The military uses Humana, too. Sometimes our doctor is not real good at replying to refill requests, but usually there is no problem. We have been real happy with them.

    I hope all goes well with the transfer. One less headache for you.
    Hope you told the prospective buyer all the money you have saved doing so much of the upkeep on your own. ;-)

    Have a great week.