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Monday, March 14, 2016

surprise! a post!

Good morning. Yes, I'm still here. I just have been a bit busy and forgot about my blog. :-)
The work week went pretty good. Craig and I are adjusting to our new working arraignment. 
Yesterday, we met with a stylist from our Salon to talk about the sale of our Salon. After going over all the figures, it looks like we are going to move forward. Our next step is to have our lawyer write up a sales agreement and for her to get an LLC.
Here's a few more pics from our day trip to the Hoover Dam when we were out in Vegas....
This graphic was on the floor at one of the entrances to the bathrooms.
This memorial was built to commemorate the building and completion of the dam.
The dam was considered to be an engineering marvel when completed in 1935.
These reliefs are on one of the towers as you cross the dam.
The entire structure has a very art deco feel to it.
With our spring-like weather, we've been out walking. Feels good to be outside again.
Also, we've had some turnover in our apartment building the last couple of months. 3 move outs and 2 move ins. We've also been online car looking. Planning on trading in the Kia for a new car once spring is here to stay. Craig likes the new Jeep Renegade, although he hasn't test drove it yet. We're still just looking.  :-)
And that's all I know right now.

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  1. Good luck finding your new vehicle. Since Nevada is a bit mountainous, a Jeep with all terrain, or all season tires, might be a good choice.
    Enjoy your weekend and good luck with the sale.