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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hoover Dam

Good afternoon.
Another post from our trip to Vegas.
One day, we drove down to Hoover Dam. It's just a short hour drive from the northern end of the valley to the dam.  We stopped at an overlook for Lake Mead on the way. The dam is father right around the corner of the mountain from what you can see.
Lake Mead is enormous! Here's a pic from the new bridge.....Looking back at the dam.
This is an overflow area when the water gets to high. That has only happened once since the dam was built.
And that was in 1986
The overflow tunnel. To get an idea of the size, that little bridge over the top of it is a two lane road that we crossed over with our car.
The 'white' rock on the mountain sides is actually what they call 'the bathtub ring'.
That's where the highest water level was, and how much the lake has dropped during this last drought.
I surprised Craig for this pic. I said "Craig!" he turned around and I snapped the pic. You can see he wasn't very happy about it.   :-)
This pic was taken on top of the dam.
And here's a pic of the new bridge from the top of the dam. All the trucks now use this bridge. Cars can still cross over the dam, but they are subject to inspection.
I'm happy to say we brought back some nice weather. It took a few days to arrive, but today reached 69!   :-) Should be warmer than normal all week!


  1. I bet the weather is a welcome change for you.