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Friday, April 29, 2016

our latest Vegas trip

Good morning.
As I said yesterday, we've just returned from our latest trip to Vegas. The flights were good and we got there safe and returned back safe, so a good trip.   ;-)
This trip, we flew United through Chicago instead of our usual Delta flights through Detroit.  I have to say, Detroit, Minneapolis and McCarren in Vegas are all nicer than Chicago.
Anyway, we arrived in Vegas around 10am, and took a short cab ride to the bus stop. About an hour or so later, we arrived at the front pf our community. From there, an 18 minute walk to the house. Here's a pic we took on the way to the house......
That snow capped mountain in the distance is Mt Charleston. The highest peak in the Spring Mountain range which lies west of our community.
 And closer and just north of our community is the Sheep Mountains. as you can see on one of our walks around the golf course that snakes through our community.
And here's a pic of our weather station showing the inside and outside temp and humidity. That's right! The outside humidity was only 11%. I have seen it as high as 35% during showers.
We had a nice stay. The weather was all over the place with temps one day in the 80's and another only 66. We had a couple days of sun and a couple days of clouds and wind. I've been disappointed in the looks of our yard plants, and with conflicting opinions from the neighbors, I went to a large local nursery to see if I could get some definitive answers. Half my plants and trees look fine, but the other half look spindly and not very healthy. The guy at the nursery was very helpful. It appears I'm not watering enough. Only about half of what they should have. Also I bought some granular fertilizer since the soil isn't the best. So I made some adjustments and I'll see if they look any better the next trip out.
We had a couple of get togethers with neighbors. One day over to the Aliante Casino for Margaritas and another a patio party at a neighbor. We've met some very nice neighbors. We also took a couple of drives and explored more of the valley.
Here's a pic of Craig relaxing in our room at the Excalibur hotel before our next day early flight back to Lansing.
So another nice trip.


  1. We had similar problems with plants before we retired here permanently. Hope your changes make a difference.

  2. I know that you guys must be excited when the 'big move' happens. We love visiting Las Vegas, so much to do!

    M and C in TN