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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

hey, a post!

Good morning.
It was a crazy busy day last Saturday.  Happy to get home after work and looked forward to a nice weekend. Unfortunately, Sunday and Monday were cold, wet, cloudy and windy. Today looks to be the best of the 3 days. Sunny and warmer near mid 60's. So, one nice day out of 3.  :-/   Typical Michigan.
So Sunday I cleaned the Salon, and cleaned the apartment while Craig tried to catch up on all his paperwork. Monday, we did our usual running, bank, post office, and getting supplies for the Salon.
One good thing about the crappy weather.....I don't stress about not being able to get yard work done. That's really nice! Normally I'd spend all day today trying to work in the yard to make up for not working the crappy two days. But's not a big deal if the weather is crappy.   :-)
Here's a few more pics of Vegas......
These pics aren't very good. It was very sunny(  :-)  ) and I shot them through the window. But I wanted to show all the plantings on the boulevards around our community.

Another view of Mt Charleston in the distance.

So even with pretty much no grass, there is still a lot of greenery. And that's another nice grass to mow when we move out there.  :-)
And I'm working on a plan for the Vegas back yard. I found an online design site that seems to be very adequate for what I want. I'll post them when I finish.
And it looks to be a very busy week in the Salon. That will be good.

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