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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day

Good afternoon.

We've just returned from a Mother's Day trip to Muskegon.
Lot's of traffic on the highway, but we got there and back safe and sound.
Cut Mom's hair, took out her trash, dusted, then took her to Applebees' for lunch, and then to the "club'.
My brother Bruce joined us for lunch, and my brother Brian and his wife Ruth joined us at the VFW. Was nice to see everyone. Was a nice visit.
Got a busy day tomorrow. I didn't get the Salon cleaned this morning so going in tomorrow to finish that. Then I go to the Audiologist for a check-up on my hearing aid. Then in the afternoon, I go to a customers home to help with his puter. his says he's 'lost' his antivirus software, and his puter is 'acting funny'. I think that means he got a bug. So I put a few programs on a flash dive and will go over there to see if I can 'fix' his puter.
My new phone is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to that.
And that's all I got for now.   :-)

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