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Sunday, June 05, 2016

and another weekend

Good morning.
It was a decent week at work, but a long day Friday and Saturday.
I did a final inventory Wed. morning so we'll have an ending inventory and the new owner has a starting inventory. We also got all the utilities changed over. Can you believe there was a $250 deposit for the electric and water? It's because she hasn't had a commercial account before. She'll get a credit after a year of no missed payments.
I'm going in later this morning for a final Salon cleaning. I'm meeting the new owner and showing her how I clean, and what gets cleaned each week and what needs to be done approximately monthly. With just one week out, I'm realizing why she wanted us to stay a while after we sold. There's a boatload of info we have just started to give her about owning and running a Salon. I guess since we've owned one for over 30 years, everything we do is just second nature to us. There really is a lot to learn I'm finding out.
Craig ordered a vinyl window sticker.
Apparently, he wants to remember his home state after we move. It'll go on the back window of the Jeep, hence the orange lakes to match the car color.
That's about it for now.

1 comment:

  1. If you're traveling, a lot of people put stickers and clings for everywhere they've been.
    I am sure you will be remembering things you should have told her for quite a while. They kept calling or emailing hubby for two months after he retired, to ask about this or that.
    Have a good week, and a safe trip when you go.