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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

getting rid of more stuff

Good morning.
It was a beautiful weekend, and we got some good long walks in.  :-)
 I've started filling in the online change of address forms for the post office. We have 6 address changes i need to make. Craig wanted a change for the 2 of us from the old Grand River address, besides the 2 of us from our apartment. Then we also have 2 business names to change. Our LLP and our DBA.
We also closed another credit union account. This one was at Lafcu. I had that account just for PayPal. I used that account for online purchases that took PayPal so I didn't have to worry about our regular account getting compromised. I'll do that again once we get settled in Vegas.
I've also cleaned out the tall pantry cabinet we have in the kitchen.
It came in very handy for our tiny kitchen, but we won't need it in Vegas. Ont of the stylist at work is picking it up later this week. I also have a microwave and 2-6 drawer storage units to get rid of that sit next to it. The 2 drawer unit at the bottom is already gone. Any takers?
And now, time to get ready for work. I have to leave earlier since I'm walking now. It looks to be a crazy busy last week!

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