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Monday, August 08, 2016

getting closer

Good morning.
 It was a busy end to the work week, and now just one more work week to go.
Got in 2 good long walks yesterday. One first thing in the morning. Walked to Quality Dairy store for the Sunday paper. That was about 1 mile round trip. later we both took a 2 mile walk. Beautiful day.
Patty, (the new owner) and her husband Tom came and picked up Craig's Hyundai.
We are now listing it for sale. Tom will park it in his front yard. He lives on a very busy street, so it'll get a lot of exposure. It's 4 years old and only has 9200 miles on it. I tell people it was only driven by a little old man back and forth to work. Craig doesn't find that amusing, but I sure do!   :-)
So for the last work week, with just one car, I'll walk to work each day. It takes just under 15 minutes from the apartment to the Salon. An easy walk. Hopefully we can get the car sold before we head to Nevada.
I also put some things on Craig's List to get rid of...

Some storage units and a dresser. Was lucky to get one person that took them all.
We are starting to pack up things we don't really need for the next couple of weeks, like coats, sweaters, long sleeve shirts and long pants. We'll start on the kitchen stuff next weekend.
I also went over to the Marriott Residence Inn and made a reservation for a room.
It's a one bedroom suite. Normally we wouldn't have stayed in such a nice place, but I have a customer that works the desk and offered his discount which makes the room a very good value. We need a room after the relocube is delivered, filled and waiting to be picked up. It comes on a Monday, and won't be picked up until Tuesday. We have to be here when they pick it up, and with the apartment empty, I need a nice bed to sleep in.  :-)
So we'll stay at the hotel Monday night, then go back to the apartment and do a final cleaning while waiting for the cube to be picked up.
Looks like today and tomorrow will also be nice so I should get.

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  1. Sounds like things are going well. Have a safe trip when it comes down to it!